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Cab Series 900

Experience the multiple finish possibilities of the new ‘EID Cab Design Series 900. This new dynamic panel system allows for a combination of complimenting finishes limited only to your imagination. Achieve dramatic results with unlimited simplistic form and scale, resulting in pure contemporary elegance.

900C Blk

Explore all of the Elevator Cab Design Series and learn how EID can assist in making a bold statement in your next elevator project.

900A Blk


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Konica Minolta

Elevator Interior Design is pleased to announce the completion of a customized elevator cab for Konica Minolta in Windsor Connecticut. EID modified one of its standard designs to accommodate the id3A Architect’s design and finish.  The interior finishes include Gage Carve Vertical Surfacing, C1003 Ribbon in Nickel finish surrounded by Gage GM422S Armor Stainless Steel finish panels separated by satin stainless steel bar inlay


TMS 12” Square were used in a symmetrical pattern recessed into the High Impact Laminate Island ceiling.


1 ½” Dia. Satin Stainless Steel Handrails were installed on the sides and rear walls in horizontal fields of Gage Armor Stainless Steel using custom ‘Vault’ Handrail standoffs.



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The Advantages of LED Lighting in Elevator Cabs

LED Lighting is by far the most energy efficient, cost effective, and eco-friendly method of elevator cab interior lighting on the market today. LED lighting is effectively ‘digital light’ that comes with amazing benefits. There are six major points on which LED and traditional incandescent / fluorescent lighting differ, and the difference puts LED lighting ahead of traditional products as the choice for elevator cab interior lighting.

  1. Long Lifespan

LED fixtures have an operational lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. This is 11 years of continuous operation or 22 years of on/off operation. For example, if an LED fixture was on for 8 hours per day, it would take approximately 20 years before the bulb would need to be replaced. In addition, LEDs do not typically burn out. They lose output capacity and the bulb becomes dim, meaning they are more flexible in terms of scheduling replacement as compared to traditional products.

  1. Energy Efficient

Traditional lighting products operate at approximately 25% efficiency, meaning 75% of the electricity used to light them is lost as heat. LED bulbs operate at 80% efficiency, meaning only 20% of the electricity used to light them is lost as heat. It is clear that LED fixtures are more energy efficient and will save money in terms of cost of electricity.

  1. Ecologically Friendly

Fluorescent bulbs contain materials like mercury that are harmful to the environment, whereas LED fixtures are free of toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable.

  1. Durable

LED lights are extremely durable. They are built to resist the vibrations of elevator travel, and can withstand external impact unlike traditional bulbs. This is especially important in service cars and applications in rough or unpredictable environments.

  1. Design Flexibility

All Elevator Interior Design LED systems are installed with a dimmer to allow for dynamic dimming onsite. We also provide colored and RGB LED systems, allowing for colors otherwise unobtainable without colored films. Our RGB systems allow for dynamic color changing on site.

  1. Instant Lighting, Frequent Switching

LED lights illuminate immediately as compared to fluorescent bulbs. LED lights can also be switched on and off as frequently as desired, without affecting the lifespan of the bulb.


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2013 Brochure & Website

EID announces its new 2013 brochure and website. The new website includes over 40 custom cab designs that are ready to ship solutions for elevator cab interiors. Users of the new site will have the ability to request project specific specifications, CAD drawings and high resolution photo realistic renderings that show the customer the selected finishes in the requested design. The new brochure is a great tool to assist in refining design and finish and is available for request from the website.


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SlimLite© Cab Wall Panel System

EID announces updates and refinements to the EID Slim-Lite© Cab Wall Panel System to include additional design capability. The Slim-Lite© Cab System provides solutions for special condition elevator cabs where standard cab finishes cannot be installed due to weight and size limitations. The 5/16” thick sculpted panel system weighs approximately 1/3rd of the weight of typical components used for a standard 7’ x 5’ elevator cab interior weighing a total of only 285 lbs. The system includes wall panels for the sides and rear walls, the island ceiling, handrails and reveals.


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Alexis Nihon Plaza

Elevator Interior Design is contracted to develop interior finish components for the twelve passenger elevator for owner Cominar at the Alexis Nihon Plaza in Montreal. Alexis Nihon Plaza is a 2,400,000 sq.ft. complex in Downtown Montreal, Quebec, consisting of a shopping centre, two office towers, and a residential building. The shopping mall is directly connected to the Atwater metro station.

The final cab design consisted of raised, alabaster wall panels back-lit by LED light panels surrounded on each side by vertical ‘Reed’ textured stainless steel columns. EID was successful in designing and fabricating the back-lit panel profile small enough not to impact the clear interior cab dimension.


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Fan Pier Parcels A & B

Elevator Interior Design has been awarded the Fan Pier Project, Parcels ‘A & B’. EID assisted the owner and developed custom cab interiors for the eighteen elevator cabs for both towers. EID worked closely with the Otis Elevator Company for the seamless install of the finishes.

Using textured and etched laminated, back painted glass in beautiful blue and green hues inspired by the waterfront, the cabs evoke views of the outside world. The ceiling system is island type finished using warm wood veneers with trim-less LED downlights and the perimeter LED indirect lights subtly illuminate the walls.

Fan Pier is the massive 23-acre site on Boston’s waterfront next to the $170 million federal courthouse (built in 1999) the World Trade Center/Seaport Hotel complex and the Institute of Contemporary Art, which relocated to the pier in December 2006. Parcels A & B are two of eight parcels currently in development.


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